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From:  Kate Dalton
Date:  Sat Mar 9, 2002  5:34 am
Subject:  SW T-Shirt Brainstorm

Hello everyone!
This message is an all-call for ideas.  I am looking for people to help brainstorm T-shirt ideas.
AS you have probably seen on the list, the teachers in Albuquerque made a "teacher shirt" that reads, "What is it that I do,
I teach deaf children."  On the shoulders and sleeves of the shirt, there are cute little fingerprints from children tapping.
Valerie and I were talking about creating some more T-shirts and making them available for purchase on the SW website.   To begin, we would like to make one shirt available for each of the following groups: children, sign language students, teachers,  SW admirers/supporters/fans, and parents.
Valerie suggested creating a shirt for SignWriting admirers like her parents and nephews, who just
want a conversation grabber like: "Sign Languages are written languages too!" or something like that...but they don't know how to sign or anything...They just perk interest.
Do you have any suggestions, comments, or ideas? If so, I would love to hear them. It is easier for me if you email me at
Thanks a bunch!  I look forward to ideas :-)
-Kate Lee
Albuquerque, NM

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