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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Mar 12, 2002  5:06 pm
Subject:  ARABIA: Welcome to 37 Teachers!

SignWriting List
March 12, 2002

Dear SW List: Today I sent a box air mail to Saudi Arabia. I wrote
this letter to the 37 teachers at the Deaf Children Institute for
Boys in Boraydah:


To my Dear Friends and Teachers of Deaf Children in the Arabic Nations:

To teachers Mohamed Ismail Mahmod Abushaira, Omar AL-Omar, Abraham
Atuayjry, Thuaar Aljumyly, Abdulaziz Anahid, Abdulbadee Aljamal,
Abdulrahman Alqudaya, Sameer Shuhab, Adel Bakeer, Kamal Himy, Mahmod
Abdulmohsin, Ridaa Faroq, Ali Alharby, Adel hamad, Ali AlAryan,
Mohamed Aljarbou, Amash ALmutyry, Mohamed Junaydy, Ahmed Mahmod, Adel
kudeer, Aiman Abass, Nusr Mohamed, Asayd fahee, Abdurahman Atuayjry,
Suliman Arajihy, Yahya Al Ed, Suliman Almansur, Abraham Alumary,
Yosif Mohamed, Abdurhman Alahim, Mahmod Soltan, Sab Assab, Yosif
Atuayjry, Hamad Almikrin, Abdulaziz Alhassan, Hilmy Asayyd,
Abdurahman Alkurif.....

Welcome to the SignWriting Literacy Project for Deaf Children! I am
very happy to know that you are trying SignWriting for the first
time. Today I mailed you a big white box of SignWriting booklets and
videotapes. They are in American Sign Language and English. I hope
you can prepare your own materials. Mohamed's translation of our
SignWriter Computer Program manual is wonderful! It will be posted on
the web soon in PDF format. All of you are welcome to join our
SignWriting List, and to contribute documents to our web site too...

Many blessings -
Assalamu alaikum!

Valerie Sutton

PS. Mohamed - I am also writing the three letters you requested for
the administrators of the school who made this possible. They will
receive separate letters from me. I hope the big box I sent today
arrives safely...It is addressed to you. I have never sent anything
to Saudi Arabia before, and I have no idea how long it will take from
California ;-)

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