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From:  Maria Azzopardi
Date:  Mon Mar 11, 2002  10:58 pm
Subject:  Re: MALTA: Maltese Sign Language Dictionary

hi Valerie and the rest of the list,

the thing is, at the moment we are still working on the dictionary and
unfortunately are far from finishing it- for a while now we have been
constantly bumping (if not crashing) into problems, which of course slows down
the progress (grumble, grumble)

but fingers crossed the road will be a little more smoother from now on :)

tomorrow i'll try to send more details about the dictionary...(yes we are using
signwriting:)) )...right now i'm a little bit sleepy

night-night all and thanks for the warm welcome valerie :))
(having said that i've just realised that its probably not night time for all
of you, so good-morning, good-afternoon, and good-night to you all)


SignWriting List
March 10, 2002

Hello SW List Members!

I am writing to welcome a new member of our SignWriting List, Maria
Azzopardi, who works at the University of Malta, in the same office
as another SW List member, Marie Alexander. I understand that Marie
was Maria's lecturer and tutor at one time, and Maria used
SignWriting for her undergraduate thesis...

All this resulted in a Maltese Sign Language Dictionary, written in
SignWriting...I will leave the rest of the story to the Maltese team
to explain...We would love to see some Maltese Sign Language written
in SignWriting, so feel free to ask questions anytime.

Two Maltese Mari..s, both with a last name that starts with A! (smile.... ;-))

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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