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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Mar 19, 2002  3:18 am
Subject:  Humber College, Listserve, & Yahoo Archives

SignWriting List
March 18, 2002

Flavio wrote:
>I just would like to know what's the relation between
>this list and Humber College. Does any of you come
>from there?

Hello Flavio and Everyone -
Humber College is wonderful! It is Yahoo that is hard to communicate
with... Everytime I write to them I never receive a response. In
time, I would like to move the Archives off of Yahoo, but it will
take me time to make new arrangements.

The SignWriting List exists because of a donation from a dear friend,
Paul Cowley, who is the owner of the List. I am the moderator. Paul
lives in Canada, near Humber College. Paul is an interpreter for the
Deaf, and also runs the Sign Language Linguists List (SLLING) and the
TeachASL List (American Sign Language Teachers List). So I am most
grateful to Paul, who has done all the technical work behind the
scenes for us since 1998. Before that time, the SignWriting List was
a private list run from my home in San Diego, California.

Paul Cowley prefers LISTSERVE. And Humber College has donated the
space on their computers for the SignWriting List. The problem with
the Archives has nothing to do with Humber College. Paul Cowley
arranged for our Archives to be housed on E-Groups years ago.
Everything was fine until E-Groups was purchased by Yahoo, and we
were switched to Yahoo without even knowing it - I was quite upset
called a Remote List on Yahoo, meaning that we are really run by
other software, but only house the Archives on we cannot
post from Yahoo, because as a remote list, we have no ability to post.

I would like to ask programmers advice on this List...Do you know of
a way for us to house the Archives on our SignWritingSite
automatically? Do you know of software that does automatic archiving
from Listserve to html?

Meanwhile Bill Reese has been tediously copying the messages off the
Archives on Yahoo, as html files, so that I can re-archive them on
the SignWritingSite...but it is slow work and I would rather, in the
future, find a way to do this automatically. Thank you, Bill, for
dedicating so much time...

I like the LISTSERVE software that Paul chose for our List, because
there are no advertisements...It is only Yahoo that gives us
ads...and I have this fear that one day Yahoo is going to move us
again without telling us...or stop their Archive service all
Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton


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