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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Mar 22, 2002  3:46 pm
Subject:  Re: Nitsu Pikkupyora from Finland

SignWriting List
March 22, 2002

Nitsu Pikkupyora wrote:
>>>I've thought I would do my Diploma work about SW in practise. That
>>>would include gathering information about persons using it (who,
>>>where, how, how much etc.). It would be a kind of basic research
>>>about it. Then later on I could refere to the results and say:
>>>well, it might be worth of trying it here in Finland also... As I
>>>believe it really might be worth of that :)

Nitsu - are you interested in children or adults using SignWriting?
Research groups, or schools for deaf children? Mentally handicapped
or deaf? Hearing people who use SignWriting to learn a Sign Language?
Or individuals around the world who are learning it from the
internet? In other words, what is the focus of your diploma work? Val

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