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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Mar 28, 2002  5:43 pm
Subject:  Re: Arab, Arabic, Arabian

SignWriting List
March 28, 2002

>Wayne wrote: I wonder why you've lumped the "Arabic" nations together. You've
>listed four separate countries. I see no reason to consolidate them.

Hi Wayne and Everyone!
They are consolidated under one umbrella, and one web site at this
time, because all of the teachers from those countries are teaching
SignWriting in one school in Saudi Arabia, the Deaf Children
Institute for Boys, even though the teacher's nationalities are

I am afraid to say SignWriting is really used in Syria, since there
is only one Syrian teacher experimenting with it in Saudi Arabia at
the moment (I believe). When Mohamed gave me the list of teachers, he
pointed out these national differences, so I believe he felt the
different nationalities are of course I hope that in
time it might officially spread to schools in those other
countries...but I was working with the information I have at the
moment...for all I know it is spreading to the other countries
already...I think Egypt may be doing more with SignWriting, but I am
not sure.

Meanwhile, Mohamed was calling their language "Arabic Sign Language",
like an umbrella name for the group of signed languages of that
region...Maybe we can clarify this in time, as the different regional
languages are written in Mohamed, feel free to ask
me to change things, if there is something not correct... Val ;-)

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