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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Apr 2, 2002  3:38 pm
Subject:  SignBank: Search Routines

SignWriting List
April 2, 2002

>Stuart wrote: I had a question that occurred to me. You know those
>special terminology
>dictionaries that have been published (I think by NTID) for ASL that have
>special terminology for drugs, sex education, computer terms, etc. Is there
>a way to reproduce those kind of specialty dictionaries from within
>SignBank. ... create subset dictionaries for various purposes ...
>vocabulary lists for sign language classes ...

Hello Everyone, and Stuart!
Thank you for your question. The answer is YES!

The books you are referring to, at NTID, are called the Technical
Signs Manuals, and they have SignWriting movement symbols combined
with life-like drawings, so they would be a great addition to a
SignBank database.

The life-like illustrations from the Technical Signs Manuals could be
added in the Picture Dictionary (with permission of course ;-), and
the signs themselves would then have to be added one by one in the
SignBank Editor. You can place a marker for the "NTID" signs, so that
those specific signs can be easily retrieved later.

Then you can retrieve specific lists of signs for vocabulary lists
and print them and compare them. If you have one list only, you can
use SignBank 9 to do that. But if you have more than one list, you
would use "SignBank 15: Multiple Found Sets", to retrieve and save
your lists. You can return to those sets at any time. You can print
them out as vocabulary lists. Or, in "SignBank 16: Sets Comparisons",
you can compare the unique qualities between the lists of signs.
Please see the diagram attached:
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