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From:  Stefan Woehrmann2
Date:  Thu Apr 4, 2002  12:47 pm
Subject:  Re: Hola y adios

SignWriting List
April 4, 2002

Dear Steve,
here are the last few pages of this "Intersign"-article.
Well is it worth anything this "new invention". I do not think so - people
get frightened looking at all these different symbols - at least I get
disinterested to go further and to study it with more time.

I have got problems to decompress the files. So I will send one after he
other. Hope it works !

The article was pubished in

DAS ZEICHEN;Nr. 57 ; 2001 ; September ISSN 0932-4747
Zeitschrift fuer Sprache und Kultur Gehoerloser

Herausgeber: Institut fuer Deutsche Gebaerdensprache, Gesellschaft fuer

Verlag : Signum Verlag

Have a super day

Stefan Greetings to Diane and Spencer - hm the baby does not
understand - but give him a hug please ;-)))

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