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From:  Stefan Woehrmann2
Date:  Tue Apr 9, 2002  8:48 pm
Subject:  Re: Problem Exporting Columnized SGN to Bitmap

Hi Val and Listmembers,

Valerie wrote (..)

> The little program called "ColumnMaker" that comes with SignWriter
> DOS is made for "sentences" in columns in SignWriting.

.... but not whole documents as .bmp graphics pasted in a Word-Document

Well that is right- but nevertheless - it is interesting to learn about new
aspects and problems and to think about solutions !

I never had any problem with this wonderfull -export -command - we seldom
print documents in collums that we got from exportet files as bmp.
With the Laserprinter it works fine - ...

All the best

Stefan ;-))

> BUT...dictionaries are printed in columns all the time with another
> wonderful add-on program called "The Dictionary Manager".....which
> works much better than ColumnMaker when it comes to dictionary
> printing.

> Maria... You and your co-workers once mentioned that you are having
> problems with finishing the Maltese Sign Language Dictionary in
> SignWriting? Are any of those problems related to printing the
> dictionary in columns?
> If so, then your problems are solved! I will be glad to give you
> instruction for using the Dictionary Manager Program. It requires a
> laser printer - and you have that!
> So please write again to tell me whether you are printing sentences
> or dictionaries...
> --
> Val ;-)
> Valerie Sutton
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