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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Apr 14, 2002  4:33 pm
Subject:  Re: NEW YORK TIMES Article on SW, April 14, 2002

SignWriting List
April 14, 2002

A comment from a reader:

>It's a good article, accurate in almost every respect; she paid attention
>to what you said. The inclusion of the SW website may give you a good idea
>of how many people, once they have heard of SW, might be interested in
>seeing more of it and of learning about it. Maybe you will be able to count
>the "hits" on the website within the next few weeks!! Also it was good to
>have a mention of the opinion from Gaulladet.
>I note is that she does not make it clear that SW, like other writing
>systems, can be adapted to other signed languages besides ASL and has been
>so adapted successfully for Brazilian Sign Language, Nicaraugual S.L., etc.
>Instead one might think that the 5-6000 figure for users worldwide meant
>that people all over the world are using ASL and writing it, which is not
>what I think you meant to say. Nor does she mention the dictionaries and
>other materials being produced in SW for various signd languages, nor the
>possibility of using SW in the teaching of signed languages to hearing
>people, especially those who are training to be teachers of the Deaf. BUT
>anybody who is interested enough to go to the website will learn about all
>these things and a lot more.

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