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From:  Flavio Medina
Date:  Mon Apr 15, 2002  9:09 am
Subject:  About deaf literacy

Hello everyone.

As there are many researchers of so many different
areas in this list, may I make a question? Could
anyone point me the "level of literacy" (I know it is
incredibly hard to measure) of deafs in your country?
Or if you could point me any bibliography, on the web
or not. Anything will help.

I read an article (of 1998) saying that, in USA, half
of the adult deaf population reading ability is below
4th grade, and less than 10% is higher than 8th grade.
But I don't understand what exactly "grade" in this
case means. Is it a school level (as 4th year in
school)? If so, what age do they represent? Could
anyone help me? (PS: does anyone know how accurate is
this data?)



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