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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Apr 12, 2002  11:13 pm
Subject:  Great Events This Weekend ;-)

SignWriting List
April 12, 2002

Dear SW List -
Important events this weekend in Albuquerque, Germany, New York and California:


The teachers of the Albuquerque SignWriting Literacy Project,
including Cecilia Flood, Lorraine Crespin, Kate Lee, Jennifer
Thompson, Elizabeth Allen, Julie James and several others...are
presenting two times at the CASA Conference:

1. April 12, 2002...Teachers discuss using SignWriting in the classroom

2. April 13, 2002...Deaf students teach the SignWriter Computer
Program, and visit the SignWriting Web Sites with participants,
directed by teacher Jennifer Thompson.

3. Plus on display: SignWriting T-Shirts, SignWriting hats, and books
the children wrote and printed in SignWriting. Proceeds will go to
help the Albuquerque SW Literacy Project.


Stefan Woehrmann will be teaching several SignWriting workshops
(besides teaching regularly with his deaf students at Osnabruck
School for the Deaf). The workshops are held in different parts of
Germany. I believe one will be in Nurenberg, another in Hamburg and
another in Hanover. I am amazed at Stefan's hectic schedule...and I
understand that an article was published recently on Stefan's
MundbildSchrift, which uses SignWriting facial expressions to show
the movements of the mouth...and I believe another article, a Part
Two, will be published in April...and Stefan's web site is growing
with one SignWriting document after the other....



Todd Duell, our SIGNBANK programmer, has worked all day here in my
office and has delivered some great programming. Although the manual
is only about 1/4 done, I think I can post the beta test version for
the beta testers this week. I will assume the beta testers will write
to me or call me if they have questions. I am even sending copies to
Albuquerque to the deaf children there, so from my point of view,
this is the beginning of a new era, when the true testing
begins...Then we release SignBank 2002 officially in the Fall...


Remember the New York Times article, on Sunday April 14! ...

Many thanks to Margo Fox, the NY Times reporter, and to SW List
member Rebecca Moreton, for arranging the initial interview for us so
long ago - and thanks to all the List members who replied to Margo's
interview requests - and spent a long time explaining their
SignWriting projects....

So this is an eventful weekend!
Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton


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