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From:  Flavio Medina
Date:  Mon Apr 15, 2002  12:45 pm
Subject:  First real SW text file and doubts.

Hello Val and everyone!!!

OK, here goes my first LIBRAS SW file - I feel quite
bad because it's so simple and yet might have
mistakes. And there was stuff I didn't know how to
do... Anyway, I am sending so you can explain me if
you have the time and patience... :o)

My doubts:
* I couldn't find the arrow present in Val's name.
* I fisrt wrote the sings and then wrote the text -
and as a result the signs jumped to the next line...
and I couldn't pull them back.
* I don't know how to access the signs contained in
the keys "n" , "m" , "," , "." , "/" .
* I didn't find the little circle with a stroke in the
middle (which, I think, indicates that one hand is
over the other or in front of the other).

Finally, Stefan, since you're an expert in writing
down people's sings :o) , what do you think of mine?
Is it writen ok? It is an F (Brazilian fingerspelling)
starting on the forehead and brushing to the right
until the thumb is at eyes height.

Thank you all!


Type: image/bmp
Size: 39k

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