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From:  Flavio Medina
Date:  Tue Apr 16, 2002  8:24 am
Subject:  First real SW text file and doubts - thanks for the answers

Hello Steffan and all!!

First, thanks so much for this attention and
answering to all my questions... you all here are so
nice, and I feel really happy thinking of the
possibility of making part of all this. Thank you all.

About the questions:

> > * I don't know how to access the signs contained
> > the keys "n" , "m" , "," , "." , "/" .

> These commands enable you to "manipulate" symbols
> which you choose from the keyboard so that they
> show up on the screen in your new document.

Ok, got it. I actualy was using them (otherwise I
wouldn't be able to write what I did... :o), but
looking in the "typing table", I thought that beside
manipulation, they were signs themselves - if clicked
when the signs were not shivering... My mistake...

Reply again in the next too...

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