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From:  Flavio Medina
Date:  Tue Apr 16, 2002  8:33 am
Subject:  First real SW text file and doubts - your corrections...

Ok, about your corrections in the sings:

The first (thanks), is made with both hands. The right
starts on the forehead and the left in the chin
(actualy, I was doing the sign now, and it starts a
little bellow the chin, not touching it at all...).
Both arms move forward together, with the hands
leaving the face.

The "Val" and "help me" ones are perfect. :)

And I cannot really visualize the last hand shape -
which direction is it facing, etc... It's easy with
flat hands, "d" shape and other basic ones, but it's
really misleading with more complex handshapes like
this one...

Anyway, thanks again for everything!!! Was really

See ya!!! ;o)

flavio first document corrections.gif
Type: image/gif
Size: 3k

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