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From:  Mark Penner
Date:  Tue Apr 16, 2002  12:30 pm
Subject:  Re: Problem Exporting Columnized SGN to Bitmap


You are amazing! That is a LOT of work to figure out a solution to my
problem. Thank you so much.

> (I changed the formats and other things. I even included a blank "Imaginary
> Box" after 6 signs - but this is not of great advantage for the coming
> pages - if the document is more than 18 " Imaginary Boxes " (ha nice term
> Valerie)

I must have missed (or probably lost) a post--I can't find the one about
imaginary boxes. So thanks to Valerie too (of course) for all the work you
went to not only to invent SW in the first place, but to make it so useful,
and help us through each application of it.

> But for short documents this works !!
> I got the bad results with larger documents- but looking carefully at the
> various documents I understood that all different kinds of exported bmp are
> 58 kb -
> maximum 6 lines -

I get two for each file on the short (18 box) exports, a 58 and a 10 kb.

> I would suggest another - pretty simple - but a little time consuming
> method.
> Just split your document in as many single files with only 6 x 3 = 18
> "Imaginary Boxes) ;-)

The mystery goes deeper. I split my file into 18 imaginary boxes, but that
didn't solve the problem. The export program gave me two files for each one
I made, one with the first six imaginary boxes of each column (58kb), and
one with the seventh of each column(10kb). The first was named galat4ca, as
I named it; the second was given the name galat4c2 by the export program.
But I then followed your directions, and in addition, added a space after
the sixth imaginary box. Then I columnized the file. Then I exported it.
And I got two files. One with everything I wanted, and one with the blank
spaces, which I threw away.

So thank you. The job is done. If I ever want to do long documents, I will
buy Acrobat 4.0, but since mine was only two sentences, I will wait on that.


Mark Penner
Tokyo, Japan

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