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From:  Flavio Medina
Date:  Thu Apr 18, 2002  5:51 am
Subject:  suggestion for SignWriter package


Me again. I have a suggestion about the signwriter
freeware pack (software) that is "downloadble" from
the signwriting home page. Why don't you include the
file "keyboard.bmp" or "keyboard.pdf" in the pack?
Many people (happened with me too) can't print from
signwriter for one reason or other (printer linked in
USB port - my case -, uncompatible printers, networks,
etc.). Of course we can export the file "keyboard.sgn"
and then print it. But in the beggining that is not so
clear. We just want to go and try using SignWriter
without reading the instruction at first!!! Of course,
at a certain point, we will have to learn how to
export anyway - as they cannot print normaly. But, as
it happens with me, I'm not so interested (primarialy)
in printing, but in making files and sending via web
to friends, or just try SignWriter out, really. These
people might take a while longer to need the export

Anyway, it's not a big deal at all, I just thought it
might help people that are starting, and the size of
the download package wouldn't get much bigger anyway.

Just a suggestion.


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