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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Apr 17, 2002  7:23 pm
Subject:  Research Studies on SignWriting

SignWriting List
April 17, 2002

>> Aviva Twersky-Glasner at wrote:
I am a doctoral student of Criminal Justice at the City University of
New York. My subspecialty is Forensic Psychology (I have an M.A. in
this subject) and my research interests are the deaf and the Criminal
Justice System. Please send me any and all information you may have
regarding any sources of funding for doctoral level research. I am
fascinated by sign writing! Thank you, Aviva Twersky-Glasner, M.A.

Dear Aviva!
Thank you for your request for information. Although I do not know of
any sources for research funding, certainly SignWriting needs more
research studies, so I hope you will consider using it for your
study. Does anyone on the SignWriting List know of funding?

And did you see the article in the New York Times on April 14, 2002
in the Week in Review?

There is one doctoral study on SignWriting in the United States right now:

Cecilia Flood's Dissertation on SignWriting and Deaf Children

If you join the SignWriting List, Aviva, you may find others on the
List who can help you - I will send you an invitation to join the
List -


Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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