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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Apr 18, 2002  1:22 pm
Subject:  Re: suggestion for SignWriter package

SignWriting List
April 18, 2002

Hello Everyone and Flavio -
Thank you for your many messages and thanks for this suggestion. Of
course you are right that a PDF of each keyboard would be great in
the SignWriter shareware. My only problem is time. To do that, I have
to create the PDFs of 17 keyboards, since each country is different.
Then I have to un-bundle and re-bundle the shareware packages and
re-upload them on the web. That is a half day's work and I don't have
the time right now....So this is what I suggest...Go to these web
pages to view the keyboard designs and print them out if need be:

Fingerspelling Keyboards, SignWriter 4.4

Sign Keyboard, SignWriter 4.4

SignWriter 4.4 Instruction Documents in PDF format

There is another way to print from SignWriter if you cannot get your
printer to work, Flavio. Exporting is not the way, if you have
Acrobat or Ghostwriter, to create PDF files from SignWriter files.
The instruction documents on the web (see above) have a lesson on
this....I thought I bundled it with the shareware, but it is possible
I didn't - you would need to learn how to create SignWriter -PDF
files, which would eliminate the need to export. But none of this is
for beginners - SignWriter definitely has a learning-curve - it is
not something learned overnight ;-)

Val ;-)


>Me again. I have a suggestion about the signwriter
>freeware pack (software) that is "downloadble" from
>the signwriting home page. Why don't you include the
>file "keyboard.bmp" or "keyboard.pdf" in the pack?
>Many people (happened with me too) can't print from
>signwriter for one reason or other (printer linked in
>USB port - my case -, uncompatible printers, networks,
>etc.). Of course we can export the file "keyboard.sgn"
>and then print it. But in the beggining that is not so
>clear. We just want to go and try using SignWriter
>without reading the instruction at first!!! Of course,
>at a certain point, we will have to learn how to
>export anyway - as they cannot print normaly. But, as
>it happens with me, I'm not so interested (primarialy)
>in printing, but in making files and sending via web
>to friends, or just try SignWriter out, really. These
>people might take a while longer to need the export
>Anyway, it's not a big deal at all, I just thought it
>might help people that are starting, and the size of
>the download package wouldn't get much bigger anyway.
>Just a suggestion.

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