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From:  Caroline Readman
Date:  Tue Dec 15, 1998  5:51 pm
Subject:  SignWriting Club and Newsletters

Here's a couple of idea for everyone to think about....a SignWriting Club and

SignWriting Clubs:
It would be neat to see some SignWriting Clubs. If you're thinking about
"Starting a Club", contact Valerie Sutton. I'm sure she'll be happy to list
SignWriting Clubs, address, and contact informat at SignWriting Site. Invite
your curious friends (deaf, hearing impaired, interpreters, teachers, etc.)
from school, deaf clubs, etc. to your new SignWriting Club. Show them the
video, workbooks, newsletters, etc. Show them what you know and hope they can
join the club. This is a good way to recruite people and expand SignWriting
in the Sign Language community. Don't forget to write to this group and you
can share with everyone what you've learn, share some SignWriting symbols,
ideas, development of your club, anything!!! So if anyone lives near your
area, they can learn more about it and join your club. It's a great way for
people to get together, share SignWriting, teaching, learning, reading,
writing, and have fun too!

I'm sure some people are very creative like me! If you are thinking about
writing a newsletter , or you're already publishing some newsletters in
SignWriting, let Valerie know! Maybe she can make a list of SignWriting
Newsletters available for everyone to get on the mailing list, or how they can
get a copy of it. Editors and Newsletter Teams, please provide the title of
your newsletter, description or some kind of summary about your newsletter,
and other information such as cost per issue, subscription rate, or FREE!!!.
Remember, SignWriting is a non-profit group and they would like donations to
help with the SignWriting Literacy Programs, etc. I don't know. So, talk
to Valerie about it.

If you going to create and publish the newsletters, don't forget to mail a
copy to Valerie! I'm sure she loves to read your SignWriting Newsletter,
share with her staff, and display them at booths, etc!

It will help promote SignWriting, show the Sign Language/Deaf Community that
there's a growing interests, and more people learning how to read and write in

Caroline Readman

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