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From:  Lourdes Tollette
Date:  Fri Feb 5, 1999  10:21 am


On the phone, Cecilia just told me that she has already shown SignWriting
to a few individual Deaf children, one as young as five years old, and they
read it fact the five year old could see when a name sign was
written incorrectly - which means she was truly reading the SignWriting
symbols, and not just guessing at them. So this is great news :-)

Wow, 5 years old can read. Most common children can read in English for the
very first time when they were late 6 years old or 7 years old. It seems
to me that Signwriting is much more easier read for the children.

Like Sabrina , I didn't teach her signwriting how to read or writing. Val
send the video tape to the library and I pick it up and bring home. Sabrina
want to be with me so we watch and teach us how to signwriting. Then
Sabrina starts to understand how it is work then she look at signwriting
and pick up very quickly on her own. She is only 7 years old.


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