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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Jul 13, 2001  4:46 pm
Subject:  ABC Stories in ASL written in SW

SignWriting List
July 13, 2001

Dear SignWriting List members...

I just received a lovely phone call from Lorraine Crespin in
Albuquerque, New Mexico! Lorraine has been teaching Deaf students in
SignWriting now for two years. It was wonderful to chat again, after
a whole year!

Lorraine told me about her ABC story which she is writing by hand in
SignWriting. And she told me that it is hard to learn how to attach a
file to email, and that was why she hasn't posted her ABC story in
SignWriting to the List yet...learning to attach a file is hard.

Apparently AOL has an easy way to attach files. You click on a button
that says "attach a file"...but the problem for people is AFTER they
click on that button....The computer asks you to find the file you
want to attach...and it is "finding the file" that is hard for people.

So for those who have trouble attaching files to email....before you
start the email, name your file a special name that you can remember.
Place the file on your computer desktop...or in another place you
know where it is located...remember where you put it on your
computer. Then, when you try to attach the file, you hopefully will
be able to find the file by navigating through to the desktop where
the file is located...then select the name of the file and push the
button for ATTACH.....Then send the email message to us...

Meanwhile Lorraine told me about one sign she is trying to write
....she described it with words on the later I will try to
write that in SignWriting and we can start a dialogue on the ABC
stories in SignWriting on the SW List.

I need to work on other projects for the rest of the day, so I look
forward to being online tomorrow, Saturday, again...

And we have barely started learning the SSS...I hope to post some fun
lessons in the future!!

Many blessings -

Val ;->


Valerie Sutton


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