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From:  Lorraine Crespin
Date:  Sun Jul 15, 2001  10:24 pm
Subject:  Re: ABC Stories in ASL written in SW

Oh Yes! thank you for the three ways of writing the sign. Either #1 or #2
will work fine. I will ask the kids which they want to use. When I first saw
them, I thought"yes, of course that is how to write it correctly." I had
written the sign , showing the movement horizontally instead of vertically.
The story itself I am writing vertically as it progresses through the
letters. I am currently up to letter L, but need to watch the videotape of
the story again to check myself.
For those of you curious to see the story I am working on that. I have had
some recent problems with my computer telling me it can't locate microsoft
programs and I had to download a new program to read the ZIP/MIME attachment
to the e-mail, as my computer would not read it. So, anyway I will solve all
that and will work on getting this ABC story posted for your input.
Also, for those of you who looked at the SW Valerie posted of the first 'a'
handshape. The beginning of the ABC story is that of an alarm going off. The
'a' handhape opens and closes to simulate the alarm going off (done with the
left hand, so the it will have the light arrowheads). The following 'b'
handshape (done with the right hand) hits the alarm ( the top of the 'a'
handshape) to, of course, turn off the blasted alarm :)
Well, hope you could follow all that. It will of course becomes so much
clearer with SW ! thank you Valerie for you help.

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