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Writing Contact With The Hands

To write the hands grasping or holding each other, the Grasp Contact Symbol is placed near the hands. It looks like a plus symbol. See Figure 7 & 8.


Figure 7.

Figure 8.


is written with a plus sign.

Grasp is defined as the hand grasping a part of the body or a piece of clothing.


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What About The Handshapes?
In this case, the hands are in a neutral, relaxed position.

When the hands are neutral and relaxed, no handshape is written. The two arm lines and the Grasp Symbol are enough to tell the reader that nothing important is being conveyed with the handshape. See Figure 9.

Figure 9.

No handshape at the end of the arm lines, means neutral, relaxed hands. The Grasp Symbol gives the information of holding.




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