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From:  James R Womack
Date:  Thu Jun 17, 1999  1:06 pm
Subject:  Re: ASL Video Transcriptions


On Wed, 16 Jun 1999 23:24:18 -0400 Ronald H Dettloff

> I have met very few native ASL users who are capable of translating
> the Bible. What we will do is the rough copy, others will improve
> it later.

I understand there is a version out and has been out for some time that
is especially
written for the Deaf. Perahps your signers can use this?

Among certain isolated groups, there are Deaf and CODAs who ar very
native ASL users and also have good English reading skills. However, the
translation you get may in many spots be along thelines of their
particular doctrine.

If you the KJV, you risk much because of the archaic language and
that even some preachers I meet don't quite get due to the cultural
biasness and
era specific thought. I think you want an ASL storyteller who sees the
as a series of stories, which it is, and tehrefore translate into ASL
clergical agenda. Who? Well, there just might be a California guy who
would do
this, let me stress, might be. He's a CODA, a level five RID terp, and a
pastor's assistance,
an avid reader, the best darn storyteller I have ever seen, a Bible
scholar, an
all around great guy, and a 7th-Day Adventist. And oh, he all but lives
and breathes
Deaf Culture. Matter of fact, I will see him Saturday as we head for
Phoenix. He's
is generously doing a huge, I mean huge, terping job for my wife, and
doing it free
and far from his Californian base of operations. But normally, he doesn't
come thsii
cheap. Why "might" do your task? If he has time, which is a miracle
itself, and because
he sincerely loves Deaf people and grieves that many don't have easy
access to the Word.

o/ James Womack \o ,
<| Don't mince words |> __o/
/ > Say what you really think! < \ __\__

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