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From:  Stuart Thiessen
Date:  Thu Jun 17, 1999  2:38 pm
Subject:  Re: ASL Video Transcriptions

> The middle one may be a way to go for your Bible translations...Perhaps a
> team of hearing and Deaf people working together? People native to English
> can explain what a passage means. Then native signers can "re-tell it" in
> ASL. Then everyone can try to write the ASL passage in SignWriting.

Actually, this is one of the most common methods of Bible translation
used by Bible translation organizations. Often, the translator(s)
will work with a team of native speakers and explain what that
portion of the Bible means from the original language (Greek for the
New Testament, Hebrew for the Old Testament). Then, the
translator(s) work with the team to discuss the best way to
communicate that in the target language. Next, they take that draft
and read it to a varied group of speakers from that language so they
can see how it comes across to different segments of that culture.
For ASL, you would want to try it on the whole spectrum of ASL
signers from the natively fluent to the deaf person just learning.
Then that feedback allows them to "tweak" the translation so that it
comes across accurately.

It's a big task, but it works well. There are other ways, but this
seems to work well from what I have heard.

Stuart Thiessen

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