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From:  Trevor Jenkins
Date:  Mon Jun 28, 1999  9:27 pm
Subject:  Re: Typing Left-Handed SignWriting

Pastor Ronald H. Dettloff asks:

> Why would Valerie object to your book? I don't understand. Is that some
> sort of inside joke?

A little piece of self-publicity never hurt. Of course, this list is about
SignWriting not for us to advertise our other activities. :-)

To bring this HTML/SGML/XML thread back on topic if anyone wants help with
a SignWriter (or other Sign Language) document type definition then let me
know. I have been an on/off member of the ISO committee responsible for
SGML and as pentenance for foisting it upon the world I'll make it up by
helping Deaf users.

Ronald might be interested that an example, which didn't make it into the
book, was supposed to be Greek New Testament marked up in XML. A bi-lingual
Greek and SignWriter version would be possible. If the book goes to a
second edition then maybe I can slip some SignWriting in. :-)

Regards, Trevor


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