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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Jul 30, 1999  3:38 am
Subject:  Acronyms for Signed Languages

July 29, 1999

Dear SW List Members...
I have an unusual request. As you know, we are preparing an international
interface for the new SignWriter 5.0 computer program. Someday we hope to
represent many signed languages in the program, and our programmer asked me
to give him the acronyms, or short abbreviations (preferably three letters
only), for the names of 50 signed languages most likely to use the
SignWriter Computer Program in the next couple of years...what a question!

So I guessed at 50 possible countries, and I also guessed at the proper
acronyms...I know a lot of them are wrong...

So I am writing to ask your advice....what are the proper acronyms for the
following signed languages? I look forward to your responses!!

country1 = Argentina
Argentinian Sign Language = LSA (based on the Spanish for "Language of
Signs Argentinian")

country2 = Australia
Australian Sign Language = AUSLAN (if we need to shorten this, is "AUS" OK?)

country3 = Austria
Austrian Sign Language = AGS (based on the German for "Austrian Sign
Language = Gebaerden Sprache means Sign Language)

country4 = Belgium-French
Belgian-French Sign Language = LSB (based on the French for "Language of
Signs Belgique")

country5 = Belgium-Flemish
Flemish Sign Language = FGS (based on the Dutch or Flemish for Flemish
Gebaerden Sprache)

country6 = Brazil
Brazilian Sign Language = LIBRAS (if we need to shorten this, is "LBR" OK?)

country7 = Canada-English
American Sign Language = ASL

country8 = Canada-French
French Canadian Sign Language = LSFC

country9 = Chile
Chilean Sign Language = LSCH

country10 = China
Chinese Sign Language = CSL

country11 = Colombia
Colombian Sign Language = LSC

country12 = Denmark
Danish Sign Language = DSL

country13 = Egypt
Egyptian Sign Language = EGSL

country14 = Finland
Finnish Sign Language = FSL

country15 = France
French Sign Language = LSF

country16 = Germany
German Sign Language = DGS

country17 = Greece
Greek Sign Language = GRSL

country18 = Honduras
Honduran Sign Language = LSH

country19 = Hong Kong
Hong Kong Sign Language = HKSL

country20 = Hungary
Hungarian Sign Language = HSL

country21 = India
Indian Sign Language = INSL

country22 = Ireland
Irish Sign Language = ISL

country23 = Israel
Israeli Sign Language = ISSL

country24 = Italy
Italian Sign Language = ITSL

country25 = Japan
Japanese Sign Language = JSL

country26 = Malaysia
Malaysian Sign Language = MYSL

country27 = Malta
Maltese Sign Language = MASL

country28 = Mexico
Mexican Sign Language = LSM

country29 = Netherlands
Dutch Sign Language = NGS

country30 = New Zealand
New Zealand Sign Language = NZSL

country31 = Nicaragua
Nicaraguan Sign Language = LSN

country32 = Nigeria
Nigerian Sign Language = NGSL

country33 = Norway
Norwegian Sign Language = NSL

country34 = Pakistan
Pakistani Sign Language = PKSL

country35 = Peru
Peruvian Sign Language = LSP

country36 = Poland
Polish Sign Language = PSL

country37 = Portugal
Portuguese Sign Language = LSPT

country38 = Russia
Russian Sign Language = RSL

country39 = Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabian Sign Language = ARSL

country40 = South Africa
South African Sign Language = SASL

country41 = Spain-Madrid
Spanish Sign Language = LSE

country42 = Spain-Catalan
Catalonian Sign Language = LSCT

country43 = Sweden
Swedish Sign Language = SSL

country44 = Switzerland-German
Swiss-German Sign Language = SDGS

country45 = Switzerland-French
Swiss-French Sign Language = LSSF

country46 = Switzerland-Italian
Swiss-Italian Sign Language = LSSI

country47 = Taiwan
Taiwan Sign Language = TSL

country48 = Thailand
Thailand Sign Language = THSL

country49 = United Kingdom
British Sign Language = BSL

country50 = United States
American Sign Language = ASL


Valerie :-)


Valerie Sutton

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