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From:  Ingvild Kristine Roald
Date:  Fri Jul 30, 1999  1:26 pm
Subject:  Re: Acronyms for Signed Languages

The Norwegian for "Norwegian Sign Language" is "Norsk Tegnsprog"
(or more commmonly, Norsk Tegnsprak, with an a with a small ring on
top), abrevieated in Norwegian as NTS. In English, it is correctly
abreviated NSL.

We do have NTS (NSL) signs for most of the words on your list for
menues, but the people who knows them are still on vaccation, I
cannot get to them in another two or three weeks. I could give you
the Norwegian word translations now, if that would help. We are no
longer constrained by only one word beginning by a particular letter,
right? Because when we did the translations for sw 3.0, we had to
think hard to come up with something that gave meaning without
clashing with that constraint.

Best wishes,


Ingvild Kristine Roald
Reseach fellow, Department of Applied Education
University of Bergen, N-5020 BERGEN, Norway
Department phone: +47 55 58 48 30
Department fax: +47 55 58 48 80
Private phone: +47 55 28 34 34

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