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From:  Fernando Capovilla
Date:  Fri Oct 22, 1999  9:52 pm
Subject:  Letter of support


Letter of Support:

Sao Paulo, October 22, 1999
To Qualcom Co. CEO
Dear Ombusperson,
Here at the Neuropsycholinguistics Laboratory at the University of Sao Paulo,
Sao Paulo, Brazil, a large team of researchers
are conducting research projects with state and federal funding using SignWriter
4.3 to accomplish:
1) The Brazilian Sign Language Dictionary with 16,500 illustrations in both
formats, book format and CD ROM format, which is
supported by the Brazilian Federation of Education and Integration of the Deaf,
and which is going to have a decisive impact
on the quality of teaching of Brazilian deaf children nationwide;
2) The multimedia communication system SignPhone, which runs in local networks
and in the brief future in the Internet also.
SignPhone allows face-to-face and telecommunication among tetraplegic and
cerebral palsied deaf people (as well as deaf people
with other severe and motor impairments such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)
and hearing people (even blind hearing people)
based on digitized speech output, SignWriting and animated signs, which can be
selected by automatic scanning and devices
sensitive to air-puff, eye-gaze, eye-blink, etc.
We are very anxious for the advent of SignWriter 5.0, which is going to serve us
as a vital research and technological tool
for the betterment of our computer communication systems, and as a consequence,
for the improvement of communication and life
quality of deaf people with very severe motor impairments.
Thanks to the tireless work of Valerie Sutton and of people from the Deaf Action
Committee for SignWriting we have been able
to improve our technological and scientific standards of excellence, and we do
count on your vital support for SignWriter 5.0
and hence the success of noble projects that depend on SignWriting on a
worldwide scale.
Yours sincerely,
Fernando C. Capovilla, Ph.D.
Psychology Professor.
Experimental Cognitive Neuropsycholinguistics
University of Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil
ZIP Code: 05508-900

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