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From:  Deborah Holden
Date:  Tue Oct 26, 1999  2:54 pm
Subject:  Re: SW-L Digest - 24 Oct 1999 to 25 Oct 1999

Hi everyone,
I kept out of the discussion regarding attachments because I always thought
could get them. However in yesterdays digested list there were several places
where my email "throw-up" (I like that expression, thank you Neil). I got all
AAAA's for Angus' filename hello.sgn, then more of a variety for his filename
hello.gif, I got a box for file hello1.sgn from him too. I couldn't get the
archives to do any better. When he tried it as a gif file I got a 4X6 inch
half black half gray but with some SignWriting in the gray part. To my surprise
and delight when Lourdes sent .Jpg I got a beautiful SignWriting sentence.
Unfortunately Valerie's also came out as a mess "throw-up". I don't mind
these "throw-ups". Getting the odd SignWriting is worth it. Just thought you
might be interested to know. If any computer wiz can figure out why some work
others don't and can help me to get them all the work, I would really appreciate
it. Thank you. Deb Holden

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