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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Nov 2, 1999  2:31 am
Subject:  Re: Axial stationary movement "Reverse, opposite"

>The signer begins with two "B" hands touching along the index finger, palms
>out parallel with the wall, then rotates at the wrist to bring the
>fingertips out and down until they're upside-down, hands in the "palms in"
>position, and still touching along the index finger; continuing on, the
>hands keep rotating at the wrist, but now move to the final position, where
>all four fingers are touching (not thumbs) "back to back" palms facing up,
>fingers bent at the first (largest) knuckle.
>Mark Penner
>Tokyo, Japan


Hello Mark and Everyone!
Attached is Mark's .gif, which my computer had trouble reading...but I was
able to translate it with MacLink into another .GIF...I hope some of you
can read my attachment...if not...remember the Archives!!

SignWriting List Archive now Mark...your question is really quite complex so let's take one
thing at a time...and then slowly we will piece the puzzle together...

Let me try to re-describe it in my words first, and please correct any
misunderstandings I have -

1.The palms are facing out and you are seeing the backs of your own hands
(the filled-in symbols).

2. The rotation from the wrist paints a circle that is parallel with the
front wall, or your chest. The left hand rotates to the left (ouch) and the
right hand rotates to the right (ouch) and you end up with the palms
towards your chest, fingers pointing down?

If I have described this properly (smile), then the wrist circle symbols
you have chosen are the wrong ones :-)

You need wrist circles that are parallel with the front wall, but the
circles I used to write Stefan's sign for room were parallel with the there is a different look to the two different symbols. They are
on the same key on the SignWriter Computer Program. The circle is flat,
without any darkened section, when it is parallel with the wall....

If I am right, then perhaps you could write them again (grin)....if I am
wrong, please re-explain!

Then I will answer your other questions later :-)

Hope your work is going well in Japan!!

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Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton

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