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From:  Charles Butler
Date:  Tue Jun 30, 1998  6:00 pm
Subject:  Re: Pictograms

The thread included these comments:
> Congratulations, Joe, on your dissertation. It seems that you have
> established a new meaning for the word "chirographic", and thank you for >
listing SignWriting under this new category. It will be interesting to see if
the new term becomes widespread.
> The old term "chirography" means "handwriting". The word "chiro" stems from
the Greek word for "hand". It really means "penmanship", and has nothing to do
with manual alphabets or any language that uses the hands to communicate.
The proper term is cheironomy, not cheirography. Cheirography is
handwriting, cheironomy is gesture language (as the word was used in the
14th century). The word now means a gesture system indicating a musical
chant (such as the Kodali hand-sign system for solfeggio singing). So a
cheironomic alphabet is Sign Writing. Kodali would be a specific
application of cheironomy.

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