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From:  dawn hargett
Date:  Tue Jun 30, 1998  7:36 pm
Subject:  Hello

I've just joined and am very excited about SignWriting. I'm a middle
age college student who has recently met someone who has lost hearing in
one ear and is having difficulty with the other ear. Needless to say we
are in the process of learning new ways of communication. I've been
interested in learning sign language since I was a kid and have picked
up some of it.
I'm studing to be in the medical field and figure any additional
language will be helpful. I'm always eager to learn new things and to
meet new people. I think that by joining the List, it will help me alot
both in my private life and in my future job.
I'm looking forward to being apart the list.

A new member,
Dawn Hargett

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