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From:  Stuart Thiessen
Date:  Mon Feb 7, 2000  9:44 pm
Subject:  Re: Help to develop a LUC/GIFs 'What is your name?'

A question (perhaps desired, perhaps not) ...

If meaning is dependent on the word-level, grammar-level, and discourse-level, how will your codes take each of those levels into consideration?

On the word level, there are often concepts that cannot be directly translated into another language.

On the grammar-level, there are ways we add non-verbal changes to meaning or by the way our words are put together.

On the discourse-level (meaning the documents we produce), there are changes in the kind of document we make.  For example, even though the words and grammar may be translatable, the form of the discourse is generally not translatable from language to language.  Or take the one story from that English author  ??? Swift who wrote a seemingly serious document advocating the killing of certain children (if I remember right), but it was really a satire of living conditions in England at that time.

I am not saying that it is impossible ... Many say it is impossible to write ASL (SMILE), but I am quite curious how your code intends to deal with the different levels of meaning.



P.S.  I have attached a GIF since you have also requested that.  This is probably one way out of several for asking this question.  Also, I took these from the dictionary and believe the facial and movements are what I am intending them to mean.

P.P.S.  If the list considers this an off-topic discussion, I am willing to continue the conversation directly. Just feel free to email me directly instead of to the list.

Marc Bode wrote:

My intention is, to find a common base to present different SIGNINGS (language-dependent) through SIGNWRITING (LANGUAGE) (language-depentent) by storing in so called LUC (whether you call it code or language or what ever), so that it is quite easily presentable in languages like English or German through ASCII or UNICODE or ...

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