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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Feb 8, 2000  1:38 pm
Subject:  Re: Question on Handshapes

>Val, you quoted someone as saying:
>I'm in the middle of transcribing material in Jordanian Sign
>Language (LIU = "lughat ul-'ishaarat il-'urduniyya"), and have run
>into a handshape which I have not found in the SW material. It is a
>tight fist, with the tip of the index finger touching the inside of
>the thumb knuckle. If you look at the thumb side of the hand, it
>resembles a written "9" -- which is good, since it is a signed
>number "9" in LIU, as well as a fingerspelled letter "waw".
>Val -
> I'm wondering if your response might possibly have missed the
>mark. I think when the person wrote: "with the tip of the index
>finger touching the inside of the thumb knuckle" that they might
>have meant that the index finger is no longer part of the tight
>fist, but rather partially opened, and its tip is contacting the
>inner part of the outermost knuckle. I know what the Arabic letter
>"waw" looks like, and that's what leads me to believe that it's not
>just the thumb that is pointing forward, but that the index is also
>partially opened.
> So, is there a symbol for this particular handshape?
> Love,
> - Wayne


SignWriting List
February 8, 2000

I see, Wayne. Thanks for pointing that out. I still would not read it
that way, since the number 6 and 9 in Brazilian Sign Language are
also trying to show the picture of a 6 or 9 in the air..however I
certainly do not know the fingerspelling letter "waw" - that is for

There is no problem writing the new handshape you mention. There are
specific rules as to how each handshape is constructed. I will write
a second email message with an attachment showing the new handshape.

Thanks for the info, Wayne -

Val ;-)

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