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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Feb 16, 2000  4:42 pm
Subject:  Color Coding of SW Symbols

On 2/16/00, Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
>My pupils are wonderfull !! Irina asked today for your age! She is
>more and more interested in the background of SW. She took my folder
>today with all the "advanced reading texts and asked me to tell her
>what the signs to mean. She wrote 10 different colours SW by hand.
>(copied them from a paper)


SignWriting List
February 16, 2000

Smile. I guess you know my age by reading the autobiography on the web:

A Global Writing System for a Global Age

I will be age 49 very soon...

But you can tell little Irina that I started dancing at her
age...little did I know that someday I would be writing signed

For those on the SignWriting List who are new, Stefan is also
referring to advanced reading texts with color coding. The "color
coding" of symbols seems to help some Deaf children learn. You can
read about this on the web:

Learn To Read ASL

Learn To Read ASL
Frame by Frame Instruction

Say "hello" to Irina and your other students, Stefan!

Val ;-)

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