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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Wed Feb 16, 2000  3:02 pm
Subject:  Re: Rotation movement - "axial" movement

Hi Valerie and all -

Thank you very much for your quick reply. Itīs like at school. The sooner I
can give my feedback - the sooner my pupils develop more insight and the
less they feel comfortable with wrong concepts.

First of all let me tell you that your first answer didnīt appear on my
screen. I found it in the egroups though. What was different? All the other
attachments are bright and clear within your message. That is wonderfull. I
can downloud the message and graphics without any problems. My file for
lessons is growing .. (ha!) ;-)

You refer to one interesting sign of the Spanish book.

I have almost the same movement in mind. Imagine as if you hold an
Orangenpresse and press the orange in your right hand forward back, forward
back - but kind of rotation around the lower arm pointing down instead of
up. Iīd like to make another give and will show it to you!

Thank you for your support.

(By the way - Irina and friends agreed (big smile)to write "today " the easy
way -"index down" no misreading - easy writing by hand!
My pupils are wonderfull !! Irina asked today for your age ! She is more and
more interested in the background of SW. She took my folder today with all
the "advanced reading texts and asked me to tell her what the signs to mean.
She wrote 10 different colours SW by hand. (copied them from a paper)
(Nevertheless - Iīm happy to know about the configuration with bent index!


>It shows the four possible rotations with the double-stemmed axis.
>But it also shows a very interesting sign to the far right...the sign
>I suspect that must mean "unscrewing the lid of a jar"?
>The left hand is the "C" hand, which must be holding the jar.

In my case - the left hand is the 5 finger claw - holding or representing
the Orangenpresse (juice from oranges )

>The right hand is connected to an arm line, because it is such an
>unusual position for the arm to be the forearm is up and
>down, parallel with the wall...that is why the rotation symbol has a
>double stem....So where is the rotation movement coming from? The
>wrist, in the motion of the arrow....

isnīt it the same with my sign?

Stefan ;-)

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