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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Feb 25, 2000  10:55 pm
Subject:  Re: Sign for "FIRE" in DGS

On 2/25/00, Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
>I tried to indicate with two arrows that both hands rotate first
>counter clockwise while the right hand moves up - the left moves
>down at the same moment. As I learned from you - we read the signs
>starting from the center - therefore I avoided to combine both
>arrows to one.
>Nevertheless looking at your writing - what does indicate that both
>hand rotate always in the same direction while moving up and down


SignWriting List
February 25, 2000

Smile...I didn't write that...but you did in your original example ;-)

So your example was well written if that level of detail is necessary.

Usually, for daily writing of signs, the exact details of which hand
rotates which direction first, is often not needed to understand the
sign. So although my examples are not what you wanted, at least this
gives you some idea of the variety and flexibility we have with our
movement symbols....

For everyone's general information...

When there are groups of movement symbols like that...we read from
the "center-out" and also if the group of symbols are stacked up and
down, then we read from the "top-down" too.

So the two rules are:
1. Center to Out
2. Top to Bottom

Looking at the same attachment below, my number 1 shows "Shaking
Movement". Shaking Movement does not state the exact details of which
rotates first or second - it is just fast that would
only be used if you didn't care to write the exact direction of
rotation each time. It has a different feeling to it - it a relaxed
shaking that is not specific.

My example number 2 shows that there are exactly two rotations for
each arm, and that we know that the movement is going up and down,
and what I wrote shows the arms rotating in opposite directions to
each other - since I am reading the top rotation arrow first, and
then the bottom one if the left symbol were flopped, then
it might be more correct with what Stefan was writing...

The question is this....Would the sign be confused with another sign
if you were less specific? If not then maybe the detail is not
necessary...but on the other hand, you have written it accurately and
I think that is great...

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