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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Fri Feb 25, 2000  10:25 pm
Subject:  Spelling Japan

Dear Mark ,

I looked at your question - SignWriting Japan - with great interest.
I sat down and tried different variations. Please have a look at the
Moving my hands the way you spelled it I have to rotate my hands toward my
body -no gaps at the endpositions. Is that correct?
In Germany we sign it the way I tried to write. Moving the hands quickly I
can almost find no difference (if it hasnīt to be signed too exactly ) Can
you misread my versions - or would they be accepted as "Japan"
Thanks for your question. Helped me to figure out what can be done with SW
4.3 and what not in this case. ( By the way . If I need a very short line (
as thumb ) is there anywhere a line that can help - besides the one beneath
the question mark on my keyboard ? )

Have a nice day

Stefan ;-)

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