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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Mar 10, 2000  3:43 am
Subject:  Re: Transcribing Japanese Sign Language

On 3/9/00, Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
>Hi Valerie,
>do you remember that I asked for a kind of teaching group online -
>several weeks ago? Big smile - we are already into it - your email
>lessons are so helpful. Working as a group on a specific movie-clip
>is great - and I would love very much to participate - - if - well
>if you dont mind to answer future questions of my every day
>business as well - I think that you will agree - ;-)
>The difference is that Im as a teacher for deaf pupils are v e r y
>busy to write day by day new signs in order to collect or save all
>the signs that are needed. So there are so many oporttunities to get
>in touch with the need of your support. I hope very much that I feel
>less pressure in a year or so - in the meantime Ill have no
>dificulties to write my spider story correctly!


SignWriting List
March 9, 2000

Hi Stefan and Everyone -

Actually I thought it was seven months ago that we discussed lessons
online - back in September we discussed lessons through email, but we
got little response from people when I posted suggestions for it. It
may be that people didn't really realize the benefit it could bring.

Meanwhile the owner of the SignWriting List, Paul Cowley in Canada,
had asked me, when we first started the List, not to allow attached
files to the List, because not all people have computers that are
updated with the software that can accept attached files. And of
course Paul was right, because there are a lot of technical problems
for people when it comes to attached files.

Finally I asked Paul if we couldn't change the policy, and we agreed
to try. That was in November, I believe. That was an exhausting time
for me because so many people did not know how to accept attached
files in their email, and to this day around half the SW List does
not see the .GIF's inside their email messages, even though most of
the time they have the software to do it. And only a small
percentage of the SignWriting List members know how to create .GIF
files - It is actually quite easy, everyone, and I am very happy to
teach anyone who asks ;-))

Perhaps in time, as more lessons are posted, more List members will
choose to get involved with posting questions too...I hope so!

In regards to my answering a question a day, I hope I can continue to
do it. As you all know, I have long term illness, and there are
times, like the past few weeks, when I am bedridden half days. This
was true all through my childhood it is nothing new...and I
am very strong in other ways. So just as long as people are patient
and understand that there will be days when I cannot post a lesson, I
am happy to do it. Sometimes I need a day off too!

And then, Stefan, interestingly enough, you are not the only teacher
of young Deaf children on the SignWriting List. Cecilia Flood in the
Albuquerque Public Schools in New Mexico and Ingrid Foggitt in South
Africa are two teachers using SignWriting regularly with young Deaf
students. Some of Cecilia's students are as young as age 6. And of
course in Nicaragua, James Kegl teaches young Deaf students daily
too. And there are other teachers, such as Kathy Akehurst in Canada,
and Juliana Palmer in Peru, who work with young Deaf students
occasionally. And soon France will start with their young Deaf

And all of them outside of the USA and Canada have to start with no
materials in their signed languages...everyone of them has to start
with an empty dictionary file...and they have no literature. South
Africa and France are the newest to this effort, so you are not
alone, Stefan.

The only difference is that you are the only teacher who posts
questions to the SW List. And you are more advanced, because you
started sooner than they did.

And perhaps some of the other teachers do not know how to create
.GIF' I will post instructions again to the List.

As SignWriting is spreading, my time is becoming torn into little
bits for this country, and little bits for the other I
hope that if a "SignWriting Video Writing Club" starts (smile) that
you can work on your own together and then post questions to the
List...and I will do my best to respond ;-)

So that's the story! I feel blessed and amazed at the progress we all
are making - These lessons online are beneficial...especially since I
am posting them on the web as a reference now too. When in doubt,
refer to this page:


All the best!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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