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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Mar 17, 2000  10:59 pm
Subject:  Re: Problems with SignWriting List...

SignWriting List
March 17, 2000

Finally the SignWriting List is starting to work again....although
not perfectly yet...the messages are still posting several hours
late...I am sure you have all noticed that we have been having
technical difficulties in the past 48 hours....

And thank you, Fernando, for your message which is pasted below ;-)

There are several Lists that are donated by Humber College in
Ontario, Canada. The SignWriting List, the TeachASL List and SLLING
are three of them. Paul Cowley is the owner of the three Lists. I am
just the moderator of the SignWriting List. So we all are equally
dependent on the skills of the technicians at Humber College, who
occasionally do maintenence on their I understand
there can be traffic jams on the internet too....

So occasionally there are some problems where mail takes longer to be
delivered than usual. I am a member of the TeachASL List, and the
Sign Language Linguists List, not because I partake in their
discussions, but because I want to monitor the lists to see how all
three lists are working.

Well, all three Lists have been down for the past couple of days, so
I am not surprised, Fernando, that you had trouble with the Digest.

There are several ways to retrieve the lost messages in a Digest:


1. The missing messages may possibly show up in a future Digest....
You can always write to Paul Cowley to ask:

Paul Cowley


2. Check the Archives:

SignWriting List Archives:


3. Request a Monthly Log of all the messages in the month of March, 2000....

I will write Paul to ask him how to do this, and I will write again
with that information when I receive it.

Hope this helps, Fernando!

Val ;-)


On 3/16/00, Fernando Capovilla wrote:
>Dear Valerie,
>According to the list below, in the last SW-L Disgest (13-14 March
>2000) there were 19
>messages. However, only 7 messages have arrived. I believe the same
>problem may have
>happened to our list colleagues. Should this be an isolated case I
>would appreciate
>receiving some info on how to proceed in order to recover the lost
>12 messages.
>I am listing below what was supposed to have arrived in the digest
>(19 messages), out
>of which only 7 messages have finally arrived.
>I am sorry to bother you with this question, Val.
>Thank you very much.
>> There are 19 messages totalling 1131 lines in this issue.
>> Topics of the day:
>> 1. Making QuickTime Video Clips
>> 2. SignWriting as a gateway? (7)
>> 3. (just a brief progress report, and a "PS-question-idea") (2)
>> 4. curved movement - forward and down
>> 5. The View from Ringside (3)
>> 6. Brazilian Sign Language Dictionary
>> 7. from this corner....
>> 8. Today's E-Lesson Posted (2)
>> 9. Turning Off the SW List messages in your email box ;-)


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