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From:  Bonnie Collins
Date:  Wed Apr 26, 2000  8:22 pm
Subject:  Re: Reading Manuals


The only manual I have right now is the one I printed out from the shareware
download. From what I have read of the manual I think you are right though you
can go through the manual no matter what skill level you have with Sign Writing.

I cannot transcribe signed discourse from video. I have tried many times but
it is really becomes a study in how well I can use the VCR's 'rewind' and
'pause' buttons. I have had success transcribing from CD though. I just blow
up the movie clip (Quicktime) to the size of the monitor (it is a big monitor)
and then advance manually.

Then I transcribe using Sign Writing or another system depending on the
parameter that I want to examine. Of course again I am using paper and pencil
to do this. For Sign Writing I usually print out a bunch of circles that I use
for the 'head' symbol and then build on them unless I want to capture body
shift then it doesn't help to have the circles lined up.

CD movie clip is really a great tool for transcribing the detail and the only
limitation is the camera angle. One difficulty I have is figuring out where
one sign starts and finishes. A lot of signs flow into one another and as I am
still learning I find it difficult in some cases to know where to end one frame
and begin the next.

With the Jack in the Beanstalk story that I am now working on I find it a
challenge because children tend to have a number of false starts and pauses in
their communication, especially when they are telling a story from memory. I
find the dynamic symbols are helping a lot with this. Also as you said in your
post, they may not follow the grammar as closely as an adult would and
sometimes I am not sure if it is still ASL being signed or mime.

As for providing copies of the story, I would love to do this but the CD is
part of the course materials and it specifically states that it cannot be
distributed. I will ask the two people who own the copyright to see if they
would mind if I copied the one story to be used for educational purposes on
this list.

Thanks for your words of advice, much appreciated.
Bonnie Collins

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