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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed May 17, 2000  1:27 pm
Subject:  Re: Lessons In Sign Language Transcription

At 3:55 PM +0200 5/16/00, Stefan Woehrmann wrote:

>On the other hand -- frames would be a big help to the other member of the
>SW -List to understand, what we are talking about.
>But - to be able to decide which frame should be defined as a typical
>representation of the next important movement ( SL - sign ) is already a
>question of competence. If I try to find out what kind of movement -sequence
>can be selected - that is already the first goal in this project .
>I can try to transcribe some signs ahead and look what you will decide .

SignWriting List
May 17, 2000

I am afraid that I almost have to show the captured frames from the
video, since you cannot see it well, and since the other members of
the SW List do not have the video.

You are right, it is a skill to use the equipment to do the capture
frame by frame, and you are right, that people will choose different
frames, depending on the person. I guess you are stuck with my
choices for now...

You are welcome, of course, to transcribe more, but why? When I would
like to teach you something give me a chance to get

I can see that Mark and Joe are not online. So I will go ahead and
prepare the first lesson without their input.

PS. Joe and Mark, you are always welcome to post anytime - no matter
where we are in the lessons ;-)


Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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