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From:  Ronald Dettloff
Date:  Tue May 23, 2000  8:55 pm
Subject:  Re: SignWriting Project

Hi Amy,
That prayer book sounds great! Will you be sharing copies with the rest of
us? That would really help me in my work with the Bible?
Pastor Ron

By the way everyone I visited two schools for sign language in Buenos Aires
and received a very warm reception to the SignWriting materials I showed
them. I gave the book Valerie donated to one of the Deaf leaders named
Bertha at the Institute of Sign Language for the Deaf. Many people wanted
more material, especially in Spanish instructions.

It seemed that the people understood that SW could be useful in writing
their sign language. If anyone can help send the full manual with disks I
would really appreciate it. There were two schools that wanted the material
and one individual who wanted the program. Please help.


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