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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Tue Aug 8, 2000  11:20 pm
Subject:  Re: writing of left or right angle hand positions

Hello Valerie, Charles and everyone..

Valerie Sutton wrote on August 07


> The Parkhurst's wonderful book from Madrid, Spain, called
> "SignoEscritura", is outstanding and I really love the exercise they
> created. I wholeheartedly support the way they are teaching the Angle
> Handshape....which has always been a difficult handshape to teach.
> Their exercise has helped me too! ;-)))
> In the ASL signs for TEACH and EAT, we placed the symbols a little
> bit at an angle since they are directed slightly up in both cases, so
> the Parkhurst's diagram is discussing fingers that are straight
> forward or back, but sometimes those symbols can be placed at a slant
> too, to show a slight tip up etc.

I tried to write some of these. Do you agree . This exercise helped me a lot
to understand better :-))).

> I have nothing new to tell you about those symbols - no mistakes can
> be made since the person places their hand in the flat hand first,
> and then bends the fingers into an angle - no matter which side you
> place the fingers they will still read it properly.

That can be - but the more I become familiar with reading SW with speed -
itīs kind of stumbeling if there are "typos" - mistakes. Looking at this gif
I realize that special finger-placements for angle-hands are preserved for
the right or the left hand. Mixing up the two sides does interrupt a
fluently reading.

> Best of luck with your dictionary, Stefan...if you need feedback on
> the way you have written certain signs, you might post a few to the
> List for review - (..) (.... pssssst ;-) ) hi hi

Yes I will ;-)

Have a great day everyone -
Stefan ;-)

Angle Hand - slant stages.gif
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