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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Sep 20, 2000  6:48 am
Subject:  Finally Succeeded Creating .SGN to .PDF!

September 19, 2000
SignWriting List

Dear SW List Members ;-)

Well...It is now 11:40 at night, and I have finally created my first
..PDF file, from a SignWriter file!

But of course, before this happened I wrote tearfully to several
friends saying "Help!"....

Dear friends, never mind those messages now - ha! ;-)

I finally realized that Stefan's instructions were excellent...there
was just one tiny missing factor which I did not know. I didn't have
the in the right place - I had downloaded it, but didn't
know where to put the was sitting on the C drive without a

Jerry tried to tell me this with "paths" ....being the Mac child I
am, that was too hard! smile ;-)

(That just shows how wonderfully intelligent you are, Jerry, and I
only wish I knew all that you do!)

And Stuart and Bill even assumed I knew what ECHO OFF meant (I am
really curious,...what does it mean, by the way? ;-)

Finally, I realized that Angus had given instructions waaayyyyy back
on April 17th! So I looked it up in the SignWriting List
Archive.....and I read those original instructions, and sure enough,
Angus said:

"2) Download prn2file, a DOS utility from PC Magazine, from, unzip it and put into the SW43 directory."

So I placed the INSIDE the SW directory - and presto!
Stefan's (and Angus' and Jerry's) instructions worked ;-)))

Now I need to improve the quality of the resolution, and then I will
write to the shareware author and ask his or her permission to bundle
it with SignWriter 4.3. Then people will receive the in
their SW directory to begin with, when they receive SignWriter...I
will add a short manual telling them how to create the .ps file...and
then it will be up to them to choose Acrobat or GhostWriter ....

Now I can send my proposal to Adobe -

Thanks once again everyone - we make a good team!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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