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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Sep 26, 2000  3:00 pm
Subject:  Re: About Charles Butler trip to Brazil

At 7:46 PM -0300 9/25/00, Cristina wrote:
>We've been so glad with Charles Butler visit that has improved our
>knowledge about Sign Writing. He has helped us very much with our
>discussions about how to write some signs and movements. Charles
>has gave us conseilling to study a bit Dance Writing and now we
>wonder where we can get this ? Could someone help us ? Have you any
>book or anything else that you can send to us ?

SignWriting List
September 26, 2000

Welcome Cristina to the SignWriting List -

It is so great that you got a chance to meet Charles - what a small world!

Yes, of course we can help you ;-)

The DanceWriting Web Site is:


You will find a catalog and order form for DanceWriting online.
However, I suspect you do not want DanceWriting textbooks that teach
you how to roll around on the floor, or twirl while holding a hat
etc! The DanceWriting books are specifically for dancers who want to
write Brazilian Folk Dance, for example, which has already been
written in Sutton DanceWriting in Sao Paulo years is not
quite what you need right now.

I suspect that Charles really means that some of the lessons on
SignWriting on the web are now showing that SOME DanceWriting symbols
are blending with SignWriting, to make writing signs more fluid and

Therefore, I would suggest going on the web and reading these lessons:

SW Lessons Directory

Course 1: Lessons In SignWriting

Course 2: SignWriting E-Lessons

Course 3: Learn To Read ASL in SignWriting

Course 4: Writing ASL Grammar In SignWriting

Course 5: Learn To Write SignWriting By Hand

Course 6: Lessons In Sign Language Transcription

And there is a catalog for SignWriting publications on the web too:

SignWriting Catalog

Hope this helps!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

Visit the SignWritingSite:

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