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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Sep 29, 2000  1:26 am
Subject:  Re: The Sign Poetry Site

At 5:45 PM -0600 9/28/00, Jerry Spillman wrote:
>Please contact us by e-mail as described on the page
>if you wish to participate. This will cost you nothing, and make your
>efforts available for the World to see on the World Wide Web, at:
>We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity, and we are
>looking forward to your submissions!
for Webmaster,


SignWriting List
September 28, 2000

What a cool new site, Jerry!! Congratulations - Thank you for taking
the time to do the web design...we all know that web design is not
easy....but you even have a Webmaster email address called "swp" for
SignWriting Poets? That is great ;-))

It is nice to see Charles' poem online....which was read at Gallaudet!

I also know of some wonderful poetry written by Deaf people in
Spain... I will write to get permission to post the Spanish Sign
poetry -

Hope others will take advantage of your gift to us, Jerry -

Many blessings, and many thanks ;-)

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