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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Fri Nov 17, 2000  4:32 pm
Subject:  Re: SW and very young children

Valerie wrote :
> Anyone else know of such a young child reading SW?
> And by the way, your animation is simply astonishing - I love it! I
> bet Gordian does too!!

Hi Val - thanks for your comment,

know what - he isnīt interested - all he understands is " hello" and he
waves his hand at the little smily-

He is soooo much more interested in : The cat is crying - or The lion is
thirsty -- or the zebra is frightened.

That makes sense to me - the last ones are descriptions of actions he can
experience while we are playing with the animals on the floor. He is sooooo
exited. And then - like a miracle - the little brain is able to read and to
identify these little stories. I canīt help but getting the impression that
children of this age feel very satisfied to handle written symbols. Perhaps
this supports there ongoing language acquisition process. He isnīt able to
pronounce the German words correctly - he uses his own baby talk to address
the animals and things. He reacts to signing and spoken language. He learns
to sign and to speak. He is able to name the colours, animals, people with a
double system - perhaps that is a big help to remember all the new terms he
is going to learn day by day now?

Have a look at the face of this little boy. His happiness is so deep - I
canīt refuse to answer his wish for more reading SW. Every day I come home
from school he welcomes me with the words "Papa miau aua ?" This means "
Hi Dad, may I have a look at SW - I would love to read: The cat is crying !"

All the visitors at my first grade class canīt believe what they see - the
students 6 and 7 years old - look at DGS - phrases (short ones) but are able
to translate und speak aloud the correct German sentence . That means that
they can do a complex translation process without any !!!!! confusion !
German for the hearing - DGS for the Deaf !
And itīs all the time soooo much fun ! SW has changed our learning process
completely to the better !!

Stefan ;-)

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